Masterplan for the urban renewal of the “Cité de l’amitié”

We propose a design strategy for the new masterplan of the Cité de l’Amitié, a social housing neighbourhood of the 70s located in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre in the Brussel Capital Region. Cité de l’Amitié was an ambitious housing project aiming to enhance the independence and integration of reduced mobility persons, while proposing innovative architectural solutions. The urban renewal of Cité de l’Amitié implies both the renovation and densification of low-rise buildings and a new urban planning for public and collective spaces by focusing on accessibility, relation to the surroundings and the idea of "togetherness" in a safe and lively environment. We decided to start our analysis as both a territorial and social survey by confronting the physical elements at different scales and by collecting interviews from the different users and stakeholders. The participation of all parties is part of the methodology and the implementation of the project to ensure a through, inclusive and feasible design. From the diagnosis (1) to the scenarios (2) up to the guiding plan (3), decision making is a constant negotiation between all actors involved.

Our proposal EN-VIE ENSEMBLE is a collective project to enhance the life, comfort, and sense of belonging of who inhabits. We propose new opportunities for meeting, exchanging and recreating. The Cité de l’Amitié becomes a place where it is possible to live according to different temporalities and abilities, an urban facility for a mixed neighbourhood, a renewed landmark in the interregional landscape.

location Sint-Pieters-Woluwe, BE | client public, En bord de Soignes | program housing / collective and public spaces / green areas | surface 4 ha | date 2019 | phase invited competition, 2nd | collaboration Latitude platform