New construction of two apartments building

A residential development for 20 apartments in the south periphery of Verona. The main intention is to provide a spatial clarity to a site where fields, 19th century villas, warehouses from the 60’s and swimming pools coexist in a scattered urbanization. An outer ring for motorized vehicles defines a car free island where the program unfolds in a sequence of strips which gradually increases the privacy degree for the apartments. The two blocks are conceived with a structural façade and a central spine forming a column free plan that allow the maximum flexibility for the apartments. Addressing a notion of permanence and durability the grid-like structure is materialized in concrete while the lighter wooden infill walls and façade panels can eventually be reconfigured according to future needs.

location Verona, IT | client private, Immo-Leon | program 24 apartments in 2 collective housing blocks | surface 2.000m2 | budget confidential | date 2015 | phase definitive design