Circular co-housing project with participative process

With this project, we tackle two main challenges: to offer new cohesive co-housing with active participation of future residents and to take advantage of the warehouses that exist on site. The proposal offers a range of housing typologies, preserving the autonomy of its residents and allowing for a great social mix. On each floor, dual-aspect apartments are organised with large and luminous living spaces, minimal circulation space, and large terraces. By designing multiple scenarios for the layout of the apartments we aim for a maximum of appropriation by all users over time. Starting from the existing building, an inventory of reuse materials results in a set of elements that can be valorised, kept and re-used in situ, in order to limit costs and environmental impact. Finally, in order to stimulate interaction between future residents and the neighbourhood, multiple collective spaces are organised on ground floor, a buffer space between the street and the collective garden. As a tool for urban renewal and reinforcing social cohesion, the project is based on the active participation of the inhabitants and actors of the neighbourhood, at different phases and in different occasions (information sessions, training, workshops or festivities).

location Brussels | client CLTB Brussels | program 9 apartments / collective ground floor and garden | surface 1.200 m2 | budget 1,6M € | date 2020 | phase invited competition, 2nd | collaboration ATELIER 4/5 and Stéphane Haffmans