Private villa

Overlooking the Dender valley this family house is situated on a sloping terrain near the village of Affligem. While the garage and some technical rooms are carved out in the terrain, the house stands on top of the slope as a lightweight volume supported by walls. The very transparent, structure-free ground floor seamlessly ensures the view to the valley and to the garden. The first floor, comprised by concrete floor slabs, presents a more closed façade composed by an alternating rhythm of openable and fixed wooden panels. Designed for life-long living the structure of the house has been reduced to its bare minimum: two cantilevering floor slabs are hold up by two concrete sidewalls and a central core. The result is an open plan that can evolve from a single-family house to a multi-family house without drastically compromising its expression.

location Affligem, BE | client private | program new single-family house | surface 450m2 | budget confidential | date 2015 | phase working site