New public school and library

As answer to the brief for the renovation and expansion of the elementary school of Riscone (Italy) we decided not simply to propose a building but rather a small urban ecosystem.

The scheme arranges three elements around a common area: the elementary school to the north and the elderly center/library to the west are designed as extensions to the existing constructions. The new volume of the gym, partly buried in the ground, on one side defines the south side of the ‘piazzetta’ (small square) while on the other one provides a more urban connotation to the ice-skating area.

A key role has been played by the choice of positioning the parking underneath the square and to keep the existing kindergarden - on the west side- which can then be preserved and extended to host both the elderly center and the library. The plan of the school is reorganized by inserting two service strips containing stairs, toilettes and elevators in a very compact and efficient way in order to maximize the space for classrooms and common areas. The design approach aims above all to evoke an idea of time stratification. Even the façade composition seek to reinterpret in a contemporary way the geometry of the diagonal wooden constructions visible in the vernacular architectures of Riscone. 

 The proposal ultimately consists of a project able to be built over time but capable of maintaining a strong consistency in its layout.

location Riscone, IT | client public, City of Brunico | program school / library / sport facilities / parking | surface 6.000m2 | budget 14M € | date 2014 | phase invited competition, 2nd | collaboration Marco Cimenti, Marcello Tavone and Studio Ricatti