Renovation of a traditional mansion house

A mansion house dating from 1909 and located in the green northern edge of Brussels has been renovated. By removing the wounds of time, the existing spaces have been restored and brought back to their original quality. At the same time though, in order to fulfill the needs and the demands of contemporary daily life, a very simple yet effective strategy has been adopted: a functional volume has been added to every level: dressing and toilet at the half underground floor, kitchen at the first floor, dressing at the second and closets for children at the top floor. All these volumes have been materialized in the same way using black plywood and creating a strong contrast with the white plastered walls and moldings: a clear distinction between old and new characterizing the complete intervention.

location Brussels, BE | client private | program single-family mansion house | surface 200m2 | budget confidential | date 2012-2014 | phase built